Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 2013

  • You are required to attend one meeting every month.
    • The meeting notes will be posted with the names of those who have attended, who have not attended and who was excused.
    • There are two meetings a month. These meetings are the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. and the third Saturday of the month at 11 p.m. The dates will change dependent upon events. You only need to come to one of those meetings a month.
    • If you are going to miss both meetings for the month, please contact the Membership Coordinator as soon as possible
    • If two months has gone by and you have not attended a meeting or communicated with the Membership Coordinator, you will be removed from the group.
  • You are required to volunteer at least 12 hours a year
    • These 12 hours are to be acquired by volunteering for other organizations, either as a group or on an individual basis. There will be several opportunities throughout the year that will allow you to give back to your community!
    • Every time you volunteer, the event coordinator MUST fill out the Volunteer Credit sheet. There will be a file in the group that will allow you to download and print the form.
    • Forms can be turned in to either the Membership Coordinator or the Activities Coordinator
  • You are required to do two charity/fundraising events a year.
    • Charity/Fundraising events are put on by the VAGINA members (bake sales for example) and do not count towards the volunteer requirement.
    • Being involved in the events means you are doing one or more of the following: attending planning meetings for events, helping set up or break down events, donating items to events and working events. Failure to do so will result in removal of the group.
  • You are required to be as catty-free and drama -free as possible.
    • We are a group of women with opinions and core beliefs. We need to respect one another and be able to agree to disagree. There is a strict no drama rule that applies to everyone. First warning is your only warning. Second offense and you are out. The Executive Director is the strict enforcer of this rule.
  • You are required to have FUN!
    • This is YOUR group so make the best of it. We have much to accomplish and with our power’s combined, we can do anything! So come with ideas and be ready to experience the wonderful world of Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities!
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