Who are we?

Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities was started by the fabulous Stephanie Payne, geek girl de jour, in the city of sin, Las Vegas. These awesome girls formed into a social avenue for all girls with a geeky interests but that’s not all!

Our nerdy activities include role-playing games, video & pc gaming, computer programming, comic books, Harry Potter, Renaissance Faire, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cosplay, and all sorts of good old-fashioned craftiness.

This is a chance for all nerd and geek girls to find a drama-free environment where you can find a place to geek out, be skeptical, and not have your femininity put under the Spanish Inquisition. You don’t have to work harder than boys to prove that you are geek enough. You can visit comic book and game stores without feeling like you are in a forbidden land, and you can buy video games, miniatures, and chemistry sets without people thinking it is a gift. It’s up to you to pursue science, politics, philosophy, and any other interest, we welcome all of you.

We want news from ComicCon, LeakyCon, VidCon! Are our new comics in yet? Let’s even throw a LAN party or two.

So join us in the fight, all Browncoats we need you on our side!