7 Questions in Geek Heaven: Kirby Krackle Edition

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Stephanie here with the first installment of  7 Questions in Geek Heaven! I thought it appropriate to start with the most awesome Kirby Krackle! I will be honest… I had no idea who these guys were up until June of last year. The girls and I were volunteering for the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival and it was announced that they would be performing. I love music, don’t get me wrong, but the nerd genre of music had evaded my ears. So I went home and went to Youtube and typed in their name. Then, I had my little geek mind blown!  Ever since then, I have been a fan. I dunno if I am a Kracklehead per say, but I can tell I will be joining their army of fans soon!

I follow the guys on twitter and they graciously agreed to answer my seven questions. Kirby Krackle vs Adam Warrock is going on TONIGHT at Choices Pub, 6720 W. Cheyenne Rd, LV NV 89103.  Headlining the tour with them is Adam Warrock, who has received praise as a nerd-core/indie rapper. This is a concert you do NOT want to miss. Entry is only five dollars and it is a 21 and up show.SO without further ado, here are your 7 Questions in Geek Heaven:

1.)When did you decide to form the band and why?
KK: We decided to form KK when we saw a lack of music surrounding what we loved about comic books and games. Alas, Kirby Krackle was born! Here we are three years later on album three and trying our best to build the Kracklehead army! ;)
2.)Where did the name Kirby Krackle come from?
KK:Our name came from our love of marvel comics and the term of endearment that was given to original artist Jack Kirby when he drew his energy blasts, ala, “Kirby Dots” or “Kirby Krackle”.
3.)What is your favorite Kirby Krackle song to perform and why?
KK: Lately, really enjoying “Roll Over” and “Up Up Down Down”. This is because the fans sing their hearts out on these ones! THAT’S the best!
4)You have been to Las Vegas before. What is your favorite thing about Las Vegas? What is your least favorite?
KK:It sounds cliche, but we really love the people watching. The food is great too! Least favorite is that at times it’s a bit hot for us and melts our normal layer of mold that lies under our skin as scrubs from the NorthWest.
5.)If you could have dinner with any superhero, who would it be and where would you go eat?
KK:Hmmmm…beers with Wolvie over a nice pub dinner would be classic. On the other hand, dinner with VooDoo that she would make for us would be pretty nice until she turns into a monster when we say we might have had better. Oh noes! Aaannnddd…we’re dead.
6.)Scenario: You are performing to a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden when the place turns into a mad house. The crowd has all turned into flesh eating zombies. What would be your weapon of choice and why?
KK:Well, our bass player’s bass is pretty heavy and good for smashing skulls. I’d grab that first and swing that around until my underdeveloped baby arms got tired. Aaannnnddd…again, we’re dead. We die a lot if you can’t tell.
7.)What are you geeking on the hardest right now?
KK: Really geeking out hard on the WALKING DEAD, as is everyone it seems like. We’re on tour now, and with that digital comics helps the time go by. When you’re not around to hit your local LCS, that’s a lifesaver. Gotta support your favorite creators, digital, trade, or getting your single issue on.

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