Get Your Geek On! Feb 17-19, 2012

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Happy Friday All!

We are going to start this edition with a local band called 3d6. They are a local Nerd Punk band here in Las Vegas. They sing about Dungeons and Dragons, comic books, video games and all things nerdy! They will be performing tonight, Feb 17th at 10pm, at the Double Down Saloon which is located at 4640 Paradise Road, LV NV 89169. If you can’t get to the Double Down tonight, do not fret! They are also performing tomorrow, Feb 18th at 10pm,  at The Bikini Bar, 3355 Spring Mtn Road LV NV 89102. I highly suggest you make some time to go and see them perform. Not only do you get to nerd out to their music, but you also get to support some local talent!

Apocalyptic Burlesque and a movie anyone? Tonight, the Post Apocalyptic Picture Show is happening at the Sci Fi Center, 900 E. Karen Ave, LV NV 89109. Go on down to catch the lovely ladies of the Nuclear Bombshells perform to the backdrop of “The Last Man On Earth”, starring the most awesome Vincent Price!  This is a new event that is going to be happening monthly and is sure to be full of win. Oh and did I mention that there is audience participation? If you have attended the Rocky Horror Picture Show or Vegas Fright Night, this is an event you should definitely check out.

As we mention every week, Friday Night Magic is going on around town. Every Friday, local gaming and comic book shops have Magic the Gathering tourneys going on. I hear some of these go into the wee hours of the morning! Call your local shops to get details on the specifics for tonight. Speaking of gaming, we need to show some love the the Warhammer 40k players. Saturday, Feb 18 from 11am to 2pm,  Avatar Comics and Games is having a Warhammer 40k Doubles Tournament. On Sunday, Feb 19th from 10am-6pm, Little Shop Of Magic is holding a Warhammer 40k Team Deathmatch Tournament. I don’t play Warhammer, but I love going to watch people play. These are two of the best shops to go to. And if you’re interested in learning to play, the people that work there are always friendly and will answer any of your questions.

That wraps up this edition of Get Your Geek On! Have an awesomely geek weekend!

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