Maximum Midnight Movie for February!

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I am your ticket! PRINT ME!

     It’s that time again! On February 4, 2012, the fine folks at Maximum Comics are bringing you another B-movie for your midnight viewing pleasure. The movie for the month of February is Spaceballs! If you haven’t seen this movie, you are in for a treat! It is directed by and stars Mel Brooks who is known for movies that are ridiculous (in a good way).

     The movie is shown at Rave Motion Pictures here in lovely Las Vegas. The B-movies are shown at midnight, 18+ and it is done in the style of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Enthusiastic comments are encouraged! Jay, the owner of Maximum Comics, says he does the movies “to create a fun and carefree activity that brings fans of movies and comics together every month.”  The movies range from Tokyo Gore Police to the original Fantastic Four from 1994. I asked Jay to tell me about one of his favorite moments. He stated, “Last summer, we showed the original Captain America from the 90′s and the director Albert Pyun was there! It was crazy and fun all wrapped up in one!”

The best part about the midnight movie is that it is FREE! All you have to do is print out a ticket and bring it with you to the theater. Purchasing concessions is strongly recommended ( I know I get a tub of popcorn every time I go because I can’t watch a movie without it!). Oh and I forgot to mention the prizes! The fabulous people at Maximum Comics ask trivia questions and give out prizes to the people who answer correctly. And of course, your favorite Very Awesome Girls will be in attendance! So come prepared to laugh, make comments and have an all around unique movie experience!

Hope to see all of you there

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