NeonCon 2011

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From Thursday November 3 to Sunday November 6, NeonCon 2011 is taking over Las Vegas. With a tagline of “The Geek Con for Grown Ups” you know these geeky girls are primed to take over the Con. This year NeonCon comes to the new Tropicana Las Vegas.

Toted as an annual celebration of gaming and geek culture,  NeonCon is a role-playing and tabletop gaming convention.  Featuring the D. Garry Stupak of the DDM Guild, Larry Roznai, COO & President of  Mayfair Games,  Alex Flagg, Founder of Crafty Games,  Sean K Reynolds, designer at Paizo Publishing, and more special guests

Our geeky girls are excited to play all the games available at the Con including (but not limited to): Settlers of Catan, Vampire: The Masquerade (Sabbat – Mind’s Eye Society, Dominion, Pandemic (Co-op board games for the win), Dungeon Quest, Star Fleet Battles, Zombies!!!, Battlestar Galactica, Shadow Run, and more!

Also, we heard some prizes were going to be available for certain games, but we are unable to disclose them at this time. Some are even provided by ThinkGeek!

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